Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Have you ever thought that knows everything about the blog ? I think it's a very difficult question to answer , considering how extensive may be using this tool for your online business , let us see if we somehow convey important information that you should know about the blog . Be created correctly and all its functions with this tool (plug-ins ), and updated daily, you can make money online .

Blogging is a concept that started in the late 90s. Previously it was a way to comment an existing webpage , can it was an opportunity for visitors and readers to react or give opinion on this page. What has been finished as a one-sentence comment on personal and business sides of many issues.

The steady progress of online advertising has meant that every day the blog are more important for online business. Here I give you 5 good reasons why you are blogging as a marketing tool to make money online should earn.

1. Blogs are easy to use

The simplest way to take possession of a piece of the network, the blog dare . You do not need to be an expert to use systems , an average adult can write insurance and click of a mouse. A blog is like a virtual paper where you can write your ideas, experiences , advertising products , etc.. The important thing is to write well in order to attract readers . If you have a PC and an Internet connection ( who does not? ) Have , then you can blog and advertise with their products and make money online .

2. Blogs are authentic

In these times , where advertising saturate our lives , we question the credibility of the organizers claim. But to share on blogs people real experiences , share their experiences on different situations , whether travel , meals , movies , products, etc. . All this makes blogging somehow authentic and real, except for paid advertising that it could find. Read blogs about the use of products from first-hand how people talk about their experiences first-hand . You definitely want to buy products that really deliver results.

3. With a blog, no fee

Since the blog is not listed as an important advertising medium in network , find most sites as an additional tool to their advertising strategies and is therefore offered still free . There are two important platforms for building a blog, first blogger (it's Google) and WordPress , especially with the second , because I can use my own domain . Really as long as they are free , will be beneficial for those who are just starting their internet business.

4. The blog to build credibility

As more and more people to post their experiences on a particular product or industry , your readers recognize that they trust your comments or articles for their own information needs. As such , you can become an expert on the subject, and as a consequence , more readers visit your blog and the more benefits with regard to earn money for you. As companies and professional organizations to monitor the growth of your readership , they were able to get on your blog pages in touch with you for advertising.

5. The Blog Build Your Market

Unless you are a Hollywood star , it is likely that only your mother to read your articles . Mom has a lot of friends, so let your friends know how interesting your blog. But you do not need as much will depend on Mom to increase your readership . Here I give you some ways to grow your readership .

a. Writing and distributing articles

Personally this to your list of readers of your blog is the best way to expand , there are many people looking for information on the Internet , so writing articles and distribute them to as many article directories , it is more exposed and therefore has a greater number of people can read it.

It is important to place a link to your blog on all your items , so readers can go to his blog , and if the information is found in your post of interest , at the next opportunity to go directly to your blog and not a Search .

b. Having a list of participants

Definitely today is by e -mail, the most effective way to communicate with their customers and promote products and services. It is therefore important , by all means , keep the visitors to your blog, before you leave, you leave your name and e -mail so that you can understand and communicate to seek their new products .

c. Participate in social networks

Social networks have become fashionable in recent times , and not to participate in them , is to lose the reader. Participate in social networks like Facebook and Tweeter audience more , I invite your network to visit and read your articles, never, never try to sell something via social networks .

Give your business a boost by effectively using your blog as a tool for your online business.


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